Recently I've been helping a lot of you with problems related to installing and patching MapleStory. Hopefully this guide can save everyone some time and frustration when the next big patch hits. I'll just go through some general situations that can occur and things you should keep in mind when trying to install or patch MapleStory.

I've written down some solutions for common issues. I know there are many more, but these are the ones I could remember from the top of my head. I will add more later when I think of them. For now I think this covers most of the issues, as they are often related to installing or patching.

Installation Guide
Alright, before installing MapleStory, make sure you've deleted all old installations of MapleStory from your computer. Check your Start Menu > Programs for any MapleStory or MapleStory Europe folders and run the Uninstall each one that you find.

The first thing you need to know when you're installing MapleStory is which version of Windows you are on. If you have this figured out, then we can move on to downloading the Setup archive.

The MapleStory website provides two ways for downloading MapleStory. The MSE Downloader and the Inno Setup. The description says the MSE Downloader allows for faster download speeds, this is not true. They also say you can pause and resume your download, great, so can every decent browser. There really is no reason to choose the MSE Downloader over the Inno Setup, it just increases your chances of getting a corrupted download, which is useless to you.

Below you will find direct links to the Inno Setup of MapleStory. These links always refer to the latest version on the server and they always work, even when the download buttons on the MapleEurope website are turned off.

Windows XP and below

Windows Vista and up

Download the Setup archive to a location you can remember, like your Desktop. In the meantime, while it's downloading, get WinRar if you don't have it already. You will need this to extract the Setup from the archive you are downloading.

Windows 32 bit (take this one if you have no idea)

Windows 64 bit

Once the download is done and WinRar is installed, right click the archive and click 'Extract Here'. If you can't find it, then double click the archive and click the big 'Extract To' button and extract it to your desktop or something. When this is done, three files will have come out of the archive. A .exe file with a mushroom icon and two .bin files which just look like blank pages. Do not delete, move or rename any of these three files prior to or during the installation process.

Now, run the .exe file with the icon, it'll be called something like Setup.exe most likely. If you're on Windows Vista or Windows 7, then it's always a good idea to run it as Administrator, just to make sure the Setup has the rights it needs to install the game. It might not be needed, but I haven't really tried without, either way it won't cost you any time. Just right click the file and click 'Run as Administrator', which should be somewhere at the top. From here just follow the installation wizard to install the game and you're done.

Patching Issues
When patching MapleStory there are a few situations that can occur which will result into you not being able to patch the game. Below you can find how to solve a few common situations.

Before that though, refer to the introduction of the General Issues paragraph for instructions on how to avoid general issues that can occur on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

1. Sometimes you know there's a patch for the game and you just start the game like you always do, expecting it to start patching automatically, but.. Nothing happens.
What's usually the case when this happens is that you've started the game from a shortcut, on your desktop for instance. When MapleStory starts with patching your game, it first downloads some patch info which the Patcher needs to patch your game. This info will be in the form of a file called However when you start the game from a shortcut on your desktop, it will download this file to your desktop, and then, when it proceeds to start the Patcher from your installation folder, it won't be able to find the as it expects it to be in the installation folder.
Solution 1: Always start the Patcher directly from your MapleStory installation folder. Alternatively, you could copy the to your installation folder and try it again.

General Issues
If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, something which may or may not solve some issues for you is running the Patcher in compatibility mode and as Administrator. You can do this by right clicking the Patcher.exe, clicking Properties, navigating to the Compatibility tab and there set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3. Once that is done, press Apply and OK. Now start the Patcher by right clicking it and pressing Run as Administrator. I don't keep track of when it is actually necessary to do this and when it's not, so it's advisable to always do this as it doesn't cost you any time. Compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7, plus the need to run it as Administrator, is a recurring problem that may be solved in one version and broken in the next. It has happened in the past at least.

1. I'm starting the game and nothing happens at all. *sadface*
Solution 1: It could be that the MapleStory process is somehow already running. When this is the case, it can't start a new process and therefore it will appear as if nothing is happening. Press ctrl + shift + esc to open the task manager. In the task manager go to the Processes tab, then find and end MapleStory.exe. When you're done, try again.
Solution 2: Refer to the Patching section above, issue #1.

2. I'm starting the game, but it just says 'MapleStory has stopped working' after a few seconds. *sadface*
Solution 1: This often happens when there's a patch. Since a few weeks, the Patcher.exe tends to throw this error message when it closes. This message itself is actually not the issue if this is the case, it's some error that occurs upon closing the Patcher.exe. What happens when MapleStory tries to patch the game is that it first runs the Patcher.exe, which downloads the NewPatcher.exe, which in turn will patch your game. The issue is that the NewPatcher.exe isn't doing anything in this case, which is causes by a common patching issue. Refer the the Patching section above, issue #1.

3. "-2147287038 (%1 could not be found)"
One of Nexon's more retarded fails if I do say so myself. Your language settings for MapleStory are stored in the registry, their values are 0 (English) 1 (French) 2 (German) 3 (Spanish) 4 (Dutch). However, since the BB patch, French has been removed from the game as a language. But setting the language value to 1 in your registry is still valid and it does not default back to English as it does with other invalid values. Instead, it throws the very helpful error message that you see above in your face.

Solution 1: Download this, press Set Language, change it to something non-French.

Solution 2: Press windows key + R, type regedit into the Run window, press enter. In the Regedit window, navigate to:

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

And then change the value of the soLanguage registry key to 0, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the language you want.

4. "-2147221000 (DLL for class not found)"
MapleStory has been developed with Visual C++ and therefore requires the Visual C++ Runtime libraries to be installed on your computer. Follow one the links below to install them on your computer.

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

After installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, try again.

Please let me know if any of the links in this guide are broken, so that I can replace them. Also, please let me know if any of the fixes in this guide did not solve your issue or if you have/had an issue which is not mentioned yet in this guide. I've tried to post some common ones, but I know I've forgotten at least a couple of them. I'll try to update this guide when I encounter new problems that I can fix.

Hope this will help some of you.