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[BSB] Network  -  Multi-gaming community for fair playing "Dad" gamers. Established in 2002.
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Who are we?

We are the BSB Network, a multi-gaming clan of mature (old, boring, grumpy, angry, shit, dad gamers!) blokes who have been gaming together since 2002!


We are new to ARK and looking to expand into this game to establish a stable and long-term gaming clan within it. We are currently building our our ARK playerbase on the foundation of loyal & reliable members we already have here at BSB Network community who own and play the game. This group is quite small at the moment (5-10 players) but we're a reliable and dedicated group and ready to go. We aim to develop a ruthless but fun reputation within the ARK community. We aim to offer our members regular games and fun events, as well as producing some media and stream content for our community too.

We offer;
  • Stability - We've been around for more than 15 years now so we're not a fly-by-night, gone tomorrow clan!)
  • Activity - Our community is very active with members from all over the world at all times of day!
  • Experience - We've supported many different games and types within our time!
  • Maturity - Our community administrators and clan administrators are all adult gamers, not immature, wannabes or 'squeekers'!
  • Interactive modern website
  • Teamspeak 3 server as well as using Discord.
  • True multi-game support - for when you fancy playing a different game with your mates!
  • Membership tiers and awards
  • Regular events and tournaments
  • Competitive gaming
  • Regular meet up events - airsoft, paintball, BBQ's and pi$$ups are regular features!
  • Much much more!

What do we expect?

All we ask is members of our community follow a few common sense conduct rules. Were all here to enjoy our gaming time and just need to make sure you guys are all on the same page. Details on our website.

How to join

To get involved with our games and community simply visit our website and register or join our Teamspeak server and get involved! Thats it!

If you're interested in escalating your membership within the community then you need to register at our website and submit a verification form form.

Time Schedules
Casual Social 18+ Only voice TS3
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Multi-gaming community for fair playing "Dad" gamers. Established in 2002.